Middle School


The academic program includes: English & Reading throughout middle school, Science, and Social Studies/History. There are elective offerings in band, chorus, art, French and Spanish. Recommended middle school students may take Spanish I, French I and high school level math. We desire to prepare our middle school students to be successful in our rigorous high school program.

Our middle school is composed of students that come to us from a variety of feeder schools. We welcome students from public, Christian and other private schools as well as a number of students who have been home-schooled.

Our academic program offers rigorous and competitive courses and learning opportunities. All objective measures indicate we meet or exceed public and private schools in our area. We desire to be a place that will come alongside parents, a place that will nurture a young person’s faith instead of demean it. We are a place that can meet a child’s academic, athletic, artistic and social needs without ignoring or marginalizing their spiritual needs as Christians. Chapelgate is a Christian school and is a place where young people can grow in every way.

Student Life

Middle school often gets a bad reputation, but at CCA we believe that the middle school years are some of the most important in the life of a student! With all the developmental and academic changes that occur during these years, it is our hope that we would come along side families to partner with parents in nurturing independent growth in a student’s faith and academic learning. We believe that the three years spent in middle school are a time when God enters into our lives in very special ways.

Our awesome middle school team works together to meet each student’s academic, athletic, artistic, and social needs. Each team member seeks to individually nurture student’s spiritual and emotional development in unique ways. It is important to us that middle school is a place where kids are cared for well. We recognize that middle school students are just emerging from the safety and security of elementary school.

Through the use of grade-level off campus retreats, sports teams, fine arts involvement, and developmentally appropriate chapels, our team creates a distinctive middle school experience right alongside our high school students. This allows for mentorship between middle and high school students, as their lives intersect throughout the day in our building.

Black Rock Retreat

Each year our 6th and 7th graders participate in a three-day Outdoor Education experience at Black Rock Retreat Center in Quarryville, PA. The camp offers wonderful housing, food, a nature center, and hands-on science like dissecting frogs. It is a highlight of the middle school experience at Chapelgate!

Our 8th graders spend their last days of middle school together at Black Rock. It is their time of reflection and celebration of all that they have accomplished in their time at CCA. It, too, is a favorite memory!

The main goals of Black Rock are to (1) challenge students in their relationship with God, (2) help students learn through hands-on science activities in God’s creation, (3) help students in social skills and maturity through living and working together, (4) to allow students to experience the outdoors, and (5) to inspire students to see their strengths and their role as a part of God’s redemptive plan.


  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Volleyball
  • Co-ed Cross-Country
  • Soccer

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Book Clubs
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Robotics Clubs
  • Yearbook Clubs
  • Writers Club
  • Middle School Field Day
Middle School STEM Students


Friday morning is Chapel time. This is an opportunity for our students, staff & faculty to pause in their week and gather to worship God together. This time is used for other purposes to train, instruct and uplift one another. This is a refreshing experience for all and has led many young people into service in their church communities in the music and technical side of worship leading.

What makes CCA a Great Choice for Middle School?

The middle school years are widely recognized as critical in the lives of our children as they transition from childhood through the teen years and into young adulthood. Students are extremely vulnerable to a wide range of influences during this phase of their lives. Parents seeking to support positive spiritual, academic, emotional, social, physical, and character development can confidently choose to enroll their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Chapelgate Christian Academy for a variety of reasons.

  • Christian World View – The middle school academic curriculum and co-curricular activities offered at Chapelgate provide students with a quality program of formal and informal instruction integrated with a distinctly Christian world and life view.
  • Educational Philosophy – The middle school philosophy at Chapelgate recognizes the developmental characteristics typical of early adolescents who are still children. We are intentional about providing a caring environment that promotes balance in the lives of our young students and protects them from undue pressure – because we believe this is most healthy for their overall development.​
  • Academic Rigor – The middle school program at Chapelgate is highly effective at preparing students to be successful in the Academy’s college prep high school program.​
  • Co-curricular Activities – The middle school experience at Chapelgate includes opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities.
  • Faculty – The middle school teachers at Chapelgate are highly-qualified, dedicated Christians who love working with middle school students.​
  • Sports – Chapelgate recognizes that participation in team sports can play an important role in the lives of young students.

High School


  • 25 credits required to graduate
  • Traditional 7 period day
  • 9 Advanced Placement (AP) courses:
    • English Literature
    • Calculus (AB and BC)
    • European History
    • US History
    • US Government and Politics
    • Computer Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • 9 Honors Courses including:
    • English 9
    • English 10
    • English 11
    • Statistics
    • Spanish IV & V
    • French IV & V
  • Many electives covering a wide variety of interests
  • Long-standing emphasis on STEM (Science, technology, engineering & math)
  • Learning Differences Program
  • Opportunities for internships, external classes & aide positions

Student Life

You are on this site for a reason… “we need a change” … “it is time for a new school”… “my child is in a bad school situation currently”… When you walk in our doors you will notice a couple of things. You will notice many smiling young people and adults. You will also see a very diverse community. Our racial and ethnic diversity represents Howard County and our region exceptionally well. We attract students who look different, live in different neighborhoods in the region and go to many different churches on Sunday morning. There is also great unity within this diverse community that exists in few other places.

A parent of two graduates recently said, “I love the fact Chapelgate is a place where a kid can still be a kid”. They contrasted the social and academic pressure that exists in so many other settings and are grateful that their students received everything they needed to be accepted into excellent colleges and prepare for great careers. They are more grateful that even in adulthood their memories of middle and high school are of forming life long friendships with classmates and teachers. Many of their teachers are still at CCA and some are still friends with whom they communicate long after high school.

CCA features a vibrant and enriching environment where students can discover knowledge, ignite passion, and nurture faith. Chapelgate Christian Academy offers a wide range of co-curricular activities and clubs. Students are encouraged to initiate the establishment of clubs and activities that represent their personal interests.

North Bay Retreat

Every two years the entire high school experiences the first four days of school together at North Bay. It is a wonderful time of class competitions, building new and growing friendships, and strengthening faith. Many times when asked for a favorite CCA memory, the students will immediately and enthusiastically mention North Bay.


  • Boys JV & Varsity Soccer
  • Girls JV & Varsity Soccer
  • Girls JV & Varsity Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Boys JV & Varsity Basketball
  • Girls JV & Varsity Basketball
  • Winter Track
  • Boys Lacrosse
  • Girls Lacrosse
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Softball

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Book Clubs
  • Math Club
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Robotics Clubs
  • Yearbook Clubs
  • Public Speaking Club
  • FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Fitness Club
  • Musicians Club
  • Service and Helps Committee
  • National Honor Society (NHS) By invitation only for qualified students

What makes CCA a Great Choice for High School?

  • Christian World View – A grace filled community of faculty and staff live out and teach knowledge from a Christian perspective.
  • Academic Rigor – A college preparatory environment with numerous Advanced Placement and Honors course options.
  • Faculty – CCA graduates frequently report that they were extremely well prepared for college. 85% of AP exams taken by CCA seniors in the spring of 2018 resulted in college credit, and over $3.6 million in scholarships were offered to the 64 graduates of the class of 2017.
  • “Just Right” school size
  • Big enough to offer a high quality, comprehensive academic curriculum and small enough that teachers and staff can be attuned to students as individuals.
  • Big enough to offer a wide range of leadership opportunities, and small enough to provide greater opportunity to experience being in leadership positions.
  • Big enough to provide comprehensive guidance support, and small enough to give each student personal attention throughout the college exploration and application process.
  • Big enough to offer support for students with learning differences through the MAG (Mentoring for Academic Growth) Program.
  • Big enough to offer a wide range of athletic and co-curricular activities, and small enough to provide greater opportunity for students to participate.
  • Big enough to give students many choices for identifying a community of friends, and small enough for friendships to become deep and lasting.

Science Technology Engineering and Math

At CCA we have always had a very high percentage of graduates pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Our alumni are still quite young and have not yet even reached age 40 but are already working throughout the region, nation and world at locations in private industry and government agencies. Some examples of where our graduates have been employed include NSA, NASA, Johns Hopkins APL and the Smithsonian. Many of our graduates are in or completing medical and law schools in the US.

We have challenging programs in science and math. There are science labs for students to have hands on experiences in the life sciences, physical sciences and chemistry. Our math program has multiple tracks for students according to their interest and ability. We offer multiple AP courses in math and science that lead to college credit for the majority of our students who take the exams.

In the areas of technology & engineering, the school is in year two of a multi-year integration of one-to-one computing in the classroom. There are computer labs and several courses and clubs to encourage, challenge and promote all students to expand their use of technology in learning. Teachers integrate technology into their lessons everyday through their curriculum, use of SMART boards and the media center.

Team Vector working on robot with faculty advisor
CCA Robotics Team

MAG – Academic Support

Leslie Rufolo, MAG Program Director

The MAG program is designed to provide support and academic help to students with learning differences. The name MAG for this program has two very significant meanings for our community. It is an acronym, and stands for “mentoring academic growth”. Mr. Mag was also the nickname of Mr. Tim Magnusson, a beloved CCA teacher who passed away in April 2013.

Mr. Mag was a passionate teacher and understood that each child had tremendous academic, personal and spiritual worth regardless of what “labels” or “differences” they may have. This program is a fitting honor to a man committed to coming alongside students who struggled. There is an additional charge for participation in the MAG program.

School Counseling

The mission of the CCA School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic and personal/social needs of all students in grades 6-12, with an emphasis on college readiness. In partnership with CCA teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators, the counseling office works to facilitate opportunities for students to acquire the educational and social competencies necessary for their chosen college and career.

Academic Honors students have received:

  • National Merit Scholars
  • National Achievement Scholars
  • National AP Scholars
  • Maryland Distinguished Scholars for Academic Achievement
  • Maryland Distinguished Scholars for Talent in the Arts

CCA Café

At the CCA Café we aim to provide delicious and nutritious meals in a fun and relaxed environment.  Our meals are made in house using fresh ingredients and are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  We look forward to seeing your student there!  Follow us on Instagram @ccacafe to see what we’re up to.



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Tuesday – Thursday

CCA Cafe open (menu released monthly and available to pre-order)


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