We Are Chapelgate Christian Academy

We are a private, coeducational, college preparatory faith based school serving preschool, K-5th, middle school and high school students in Central Maryland.

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A day in the life of a Chapelgate student

Join us on a video tour of a day in the life of a Chapelgate student (pre-COVID).

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

During the spring 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, CCA students immediately transitioned to distance learning when Maryland schools were ordered to close. Students completed their entire schedule of classes under typical grading expectations and were taught through live online instruction from teachers. Course objectives were met in every course through online instruction. Teachers used assignments (including homework, projects, and classwork assignments) and quizzes/tests to asses student’s knowledge and retention in every course. Final grades for the 2019-2020 school year reflect a full year of instruction and consistent grading. For the Fall 2020 semeseter, the Chapelgate building is equipped with a smart camera in every classroom. Students had the choice between a fully virtual model for school, where they stayed home and log on to each class throughout the day to participate in the classroom instruction or a hybrid model where they are in the building for two days a week in the classroom setting and at home for the other two days participating in class online. Our building is closed for cleaning on Wednesdays and all students will remote learn on those days. Course selection has not been impacted, as our students have been allowed to register for the entirety of our course catalog.

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The Academy Experience

Students at Chapelgate experience a rich artistic culture, a vibrant student life, and competitive athletics.

Master teacher leading discussion

Academic Programs & Technology

Chapelgate is pleased to offer a rigorous curriculum with ten Advanced Placement (AP) courses and several honors level courses. Recognizing the importance of preparing students to be skilled and responsible in their use of technology, Chapelgate maintains a well-equipped and fully staffed Media Center, where students benefit from the services of a Media Specialist, support for research and assignments, a quiet study space, computer work stations, and access to a 45,000 volume book collection, periodicals and reference materials. Our computer lab is dedicated to the instruction of technology, Robotics, and Computer Science courses and is equipped with a 3D printer. Teachers make use of a wide range of technological tools in the classroom, including SMART boards and cameras set up for distance learning capabilities.

Athletics – Home of the Yellow Jackets!

Our athletic program is competitive and we take winning seriously. At the same time, as an education-based Christian school program, we have a balanced approach. Our students are scholar-athletes with goals to achieve in many arenas. They learn the importance of teamwork, and Chapelgate’s athletics program is designed to develop skills and character traits that benefit our students in competition and in life. Our teams enjoy hosting home games on our new athletic fields for softball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. Chapelgate is a member of two athletic leagues: The Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) for boys and the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM) for girls.

Fine Arts

Chapelgate is proud of its dedication to the arts and provides our lower school students with introductory art and music education, our middle and high school students with opportunities in band, choir, photography, art, writing, drama, theatre appreciation, and dance. Chapelgate has produced large scale musicals such as Les Misérables, Oliver, and Hairspray, and has featured plays such as The Crucible, The Mousetrap, and The Diary of Anne Frank. Our musicians regularly travel and perform for community events and competitions. We’re pleased that many of our graduates are professional actors, artists, musicians, and missionaries who carry the banner of Christ into the world.

Student Goals

The over-arching goal of Chapelgate Christian Academy is to glorify God and demonstrate His attributes to the world. Our goals for our students involve developing the whole person through discovering knowledge, igniting passion, nurturing faith and cultivating relationships.

What People are Saying about CCA

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Ranked 12th best Christian School in United States

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The Latest Buzz

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Northbay 2021

CCA Parents & Students: Every other year, CCA takes the high school on a four-day retreat to kick off the school year.  Next year our retreat will be held at the NorthBay Adventure facility located in North East, MD.  You can visit their website at: http://www.northbayadventure.org This retreat is an excellent opportunity for our high…
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2020 Turkey Trot moving fully virtual

From: Kevin Dingle Dear friends, It is with sadness that I email you today to let you know that we will be moving our 3rd Annual Turkey Trot to a fully virtual event.  I know this is disappointing news, but our team has evaluated the latest governor’s order and we feel that moving forward with a group of this…
Turkey Trot Logo

Thanks to our 2020 Turkey Trot Sponsors!

                                            Play it Again Sports 250 Highland Home Inspections 500 Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group 250 The Ahrens Team Realtors 250 Woodbury Financial – Rob Toczylowski 500 CareConnect 500 Tri Sports Junction 250 The…

Senior ads available for purchase in the 2020-2021 yearbook

Senior Parents: Senior ads are currently available for purchase in the 2020-2021 yearbook. You may personalize your ad with your own message and photos. To reserve your ad space, fill out the information on this form, put the form, materials, and payment in an envelope marked “Yearbook Senior Ad”, and return it to the yearbook…

Yesterday we celebrated the retirement of two Chapelgate legends...Linda Bounds (25 years!) and John Schuit (20 years!). We are so grateful for their contributions to this ministry. Our academy exists to provide a top-notch education through Christ-centered relationships with people like Linda ...and John. We love you both - Godspeed!

And just like that, the 2020-21 school year is in the books... and today we celebrated! We are so incredibly grateful for God’s provision this year! WE DID IT! 🙌🏻 💙💛

Students, parents, alumni, and friends of Chapelgate! Join us this summer for our SUMMER RUNNING CHALLENGE!

100 mile goal = run 9.09 miles a week (MS Students & Adults only)
150 mile goal = run 13.6 miles a week
200 mile goal = run 18.18 miles a week
300 mile goal = run ...27.27 miles a week
...running is all on your own schedule, at your own pace.
To register, just email ccarunners@gmail.com and you can join us!

Bella Holt and Caroline Lowe present a piece they choreographed and performed on campus for their final Dance project this year. Fun to see what our students are learning!

Reminder to turn your books and sports uniforms in! Remember report cards and diplomas won’t be released until all items are returned. #summerbreak

Senior Spotlight!!

"Dawson is amazingly kind and works very hard. He has a warm smile and a friendly personality"- Mrs. Keller

"An athlete, student, & Actor. She's a triple threat watch out world Jessica is going to do big things wherever she goes! We will ...miss her on our fields! “- Mrs. Radcliffe

"I have always admired Hannah's bravery in choosing to study so far from home. She always brought a fresh perspective to class discussion. I also admire her impeccable sense of style!"- Mrs. Grisham

Senior Spotlight!!

“CCA just won’t be the same without Scooter. He is so friendly and fun to be around (as long as you aren’t sitting next to him on the bus on the way to Philly). Waynesburg is getting one of CCA’s finest!”- Mrs. Barrett

“We are so so proud of you ...at CCA, if we could have a thousand Ethans, we'd take them in the blink of an eye. Keep doing what you are already doing and make a difference in this world.”- Mrs. Kamalakis

Senior Spotlight!!

“Jamie is genuine with a compassionate heart and a ready smile.”-Mrs. Bayliff

“Chase is an old soul, he loves lacrosse and heavy metal music. He is enjoyable to talk to and very kind.”- Mrs. Keller

Senior Spotlight!!

“Such an outstanding student and person. Annabelle excels at mostly everything she attempts. In spite of a number of concussions this year she never gave up in school or on the athletic field. CCA will sorely miss her!”- Mrs. Vogelberger

“Still waters ...run deep! Lance is a deep thinker with a great jump shot!”-Mr. Frierson

Senior Spotlight!!

“You gotta love Joey - he's got a great sense of humor and is so fun to be around. (Also from now on, no one but Joey should be allowed to wear a yellow scarf!)”- Mrs. Barrett

“Greyson's quick, dry wit will keep you on your toes. He may be ...quiet, but he takes in everything he observes.” Mrs. Leaman

Senior Spotlight

“Ben makes every day better with his sense of humor and great smile! I know great things are ahead for him!”- Mrs. Renner

“Jun is always good for a great conversation and is brilliant.”- Mr. Cagle (not pictured)

“Jodie is a serious student who ...makes CCA a happier place. With a great laugh she is fun to teach, fun to learn with and be around. Thank you.”- Mr. Schuit

End of Year Celebration has been changed to Friday, June 4th, from 2:10-4:00 p.m.! Tons of fun! Bring money for pizza, drinks, and snacks. Junior Board rocks for planning this!!

Senior Spotlight!

“JinHong (Jayden) has been an excellent student at CCA especially excelling in the areas of Mathematics and Robotics. Jayden will be attending John Hopkins University to further his studies!”- Mrs. Frierson

“Katherine’s leadership, joy, and ...accountability will be missed on our athletic fields!”- Mrs. Radcliffe

Senior Spotlight!!

“Layla will brighten your day with her smile and she is an amazing soccer player! We will miss Layla but are excited to see where she goes and how bright she shines!”- Mrs. Radcliffe

“With gracious charm, Sofia will jump straight into a challenge in or ...out of the classroom. Good luck on this next leap into college!”-Mrs. Mihok

Senior Spotlight!!

“Grant is a loyal and reserved young man. Gifted with an understanding of mechanics makes him handy in any situation. He uses his strengths to serve others without want in return. I know that God has great plans for him.”- Mrs. Martin

“What a privilege ...it has been to see how Saihou has flourished at CCA! He has developed into a gentleman whom the Preschool and Lower School students literally and figuratively look up to. What a force on the basketball court as well!”- Mrs. Spisz

Senior Spotlight!!

“Grant is a loyal and reserved young man. Gifted with an understanding of mechanics makes him handy in any situation. He uses his strengths to serve others without want in return. I know that God has great plans for him.”- Mrs. Martin

“What a privilege ...it has been to see how Saihou has flourished at CCA! He has developed into a gentleman whom the Preschool and Lower School students literally and figuratively look up to. What a force on the basketball court as well!”- Mrs. Spisz

Our middle schoolers went to Hershey park yesterday! And it was sweet!!! 🍫 Thankful for teachers who are down to have fun! 🎢

Senior Spotlight!!

“Everybody loves Hang! He is a kind and jovial thinker...a model student in every way!”- Mrs. Feldi

“Joey's creativity is boundless. His energy and enthusiasm for life brings joy to those around him. And, he is truly hilarious!”- Mrs. Keller

Shoutout to our amazing nurse @mjmorsberger!!! Yesterday we got to give her a gift from our faculty and staff for all the hard work she has put in to make our school run during a pandemic!! #weloveournurse 🩺

Senior Spotlight!

“Allison is such a kind and gentle person! She is so sweet and well liked by everyone...we are so glad she found Chapelgate! Allison will be missed!”- Mrs. Barrett

“Jiayu Liu - Jiayu has grown so much in her time at CCA! It has been incredible to see ...how much she embraced the opportunity to be in the US, and how she jumped into athletics and fine arts- while maintaining excellent grades. What a tough, brave young woman she is! I’m so proud of her. “- Mrs. Barrett

Senior Spotlight!

“Laid back in life but aggressive on the court! Zach will be missed!”- Mr. Frierson

“Always cheerful, friendly, and witty—mornings go better with Maddie!”- Mrs. Flynn

Senior Spotlight!

“Kate is a friendly soul who is very polite and always wears a smile. She is a good friend to many Kate is and has always been a very creative, intelligent , and talented young woman. She is quiet, bright, funny, and a good friend. She will be missed at CCA and we ...wish her great success in all of her future endeavors .”- Mrs Rufolo

“Bryce! High energy with a contagious smile! Keep up the great work! The basketball program will miss you!”- Mr. Frierson