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Things We Love About Middle Schoolers

Middle school students get a bad rap. I think the main reason that might be is that so many of us have bad memories of that time in our own lives. I am grateful that we get to really enjoy, appreciate and even find reason to celebrate these years here at CCA! The following story reminds me of one of the ways that we have been surprised and delighted by middle schoolers recently.

Our Middle School Robotics coach, Mrs. Theresa Jahng, related this anecdote that happened just last week during the competition at Catonsville High School. Several of our team members; Abigail, Brynn, Eric, David, and Aaron as well as a couple of members of an opposing team discovered that another competing team’s robot “brick” (the programming center) was non-functional. This was horrific news for ANY team.

Losing their “brick” meant that the team would have to withdraw from the competition after months of preparation.

Our students, on their own initiative, immediately offered their backup “brick” to the other team. Although their parents were unsure if it made sense to give away the backup, the students themselves had no qualms about it. In fact they couldn’t be stopped! They ran to find their coach to get her blessing. The Spirit, whom she sensed was already working in these young people, led her to encourage them in this endeavor.

Later in the day the other coach approached our coach very emotionally and expounded on what happened and how amazed he was that our students had given this gift to his team. She explained that they were here to glorify God and that God had blessed our students with the opportunity to glorify Him by helping his team. He explained that he understood completely what she was saying. He thanked coach and the team again.

No matter what the outcome of the day, I felt that in that moment our students had achieved all that I hoped they would by being on the CCA team. Coach Jahng

In the moment of giving away their backup robot, they placed their faith in our Lord and followed their hearts, with no concerns. This was prior to their perfect Robot Game Run that afternoon so they had no way of knowing whether or not they would need their back-up brick.

Middle Schoolers! Who needs them? We all do!

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