Happy Middle Schooler

Where do our students come from?

Our middle school is composed of students that come to us from a variety of feeder schools. We welcome students from public, Christian and other private schools as well as a number of students who have been home-schooled.

Life in Middle School

Middle School.. the very words conjure up memories for adults… mostly unpleasant! As the parent of a middle school student or soon to be middle school student you are on this site for a reason. “We need a change” … “it is time for a new school”… “my child is in a bad school situation currently”.. Parents who choose CCA desire a place that will come along side them, a place that will nurture a young person’s faith and person-hood instead of demean it. They want a place that can meet their child’s academic, athletic, artistic and social needs without ignoring or marginalizing their spiritual and emotional needs. Chapelgate’s Middle school is a place where young people can grow in every way. It is important to us that middle school is a place where kids are cared for well. We recognize that middle school students are just emerging from the safety and security of elementary school. When the inevitable “slings and arrows” of young adolescence strike they are in a supportive, loving environment.


We provide a very competitive and excellent array of academic and co-curricular opportunities to our middle school students. The academic program includes: English & Reading throughout middle school, Science, and Social Studies/History. There are elective offerings in band, chorus, art, French and Spanish. Recommended middle school students may take Spanish I, French I and high school math as an eighth grader.