The MAG Program

The MAG program is designed to provide support and academic help to students with learning differences. Our instructor for the program, Mrs. Leslie Rufolo, is an Orton-Gillingham certified teacher.

In addition to specific academic help, Mrs. Rufolo is an advocate for students and serves as a liaison between the student, their parents and the teachers.Guidance Counselor

The name MAG for this program has two very significant meanings for our community. It is an acronym, and stands for “mentoring academic growth”. Mr. Mag was also the nickname of Mr. Tim Magnusson, a beloved CCA teacher who passed away in April 2013. Mr. Mag was a passionate teacher and understood that each child had tremendous academic, personal and spiritual worth regardless of what “labels” or “differences” they may have. This program is a fitting honor to a man committed to coming alongside students who struggled.