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Chapelgate has a long history of welcoming young people from across the globe. We are able to work directly with parents in the admission process or use the help of family or agencies.

I love the students and the teachers here. My favorite part is that people are so nice here and make me feel like part of them. I love how we tell jokes, how we talk seriously about things and how we enjoy our friendship with each other.Recent graduate from China

International Students at Chapelgate Christian Academy

One of the many beautiful things about Chapelgate Christian Academy is its diversity. We truly are a global community, having had hundreds of students from all over the world during the course of our existence. Some students start out with a quick week-long look at CCA, but then are enticed to stay for the duration of their middle and high school years and then, even more excitingly, enter an American university. Why do they come? English is useful in the international marketplace and our universities provide the best of the best.

A Heritage of Academic Excellence & College Preparation

Chapelgate accepted international students within just a few years of opening our doors. We have a long and successful experience with our foreign students. We are a rigorous college preparatory school with diverse and enriching programs in academics, arts, athletics, and clubs. We prepare our graduates to attend American universities. Our students, including our international students, have been accepted to many fine American universities. We have graduates from many countries, including China, South Korea, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland.

Home Stay

Our most successful international students enjoy a homestay experience while at CCA. This can be the most powerful and beneficial aspect of their time here. Our American families incorporate these young people into every aspect of their family life, including, celebrating holidays and family events, church and experiencing everyday life. At this point, there are decades-long relationships that have endured between CCA families and their international students.

Our international student became a member of the family. We were grateful for the chance to have this young man in our home and have enjoyed keeping in touch with him and his family.Host father of a Spanish student

Home Stay Information

International Student HomestaysHost Family SectionHome Stay Program Rules & ExpectationsHost Family Residential Agreement

CCA International Studies Quick Look


Countries Represented by Graduates


CCA students each year are F-1


F-1 students return each year


F-1 Graduates attend U.S. colleges

Admissions Requirements

Academic Performance

We provide a rigorous and demanding college preparatory program for all our students. International students must demonstrate average or above average academic performance prior to attending CCA.

Language Proficiency

International students must be proficient in the English language, and we require applicants to submit official IELTS for 8th grade and TOEFL for grades 9th thru 12th test results as part of the admissions process. At the beginning of the school year, CCA administers language and academic proficiency testing to determine which classes the student will take and whether or not the student will be required to participate in additional, intensive English tutoring at additional expense.

Application Process

1. Submit Application Package

  • Parents must complete online registration in English.
  • All application forms fully completed
  • Official * TOEFL test results (*IELTS for younger students)
  • Completed Home Stay Essay
  • Copy of student’s passport
  • Proof of bank documents to verify ability to cover full cost of all tuition and living expenses for the school year
  • $1000 registration fee (USD)

2. Interview with the Head of School

Students and at least one parent will participate in an interview with the Head of School via telephone or video conference.

  • Students are expected to speak in English
  • Parents may request the presence of an interpreter

3. Submit an essay for home stay placement (optional)

Students requesting placement with a CCA homestay family for the school year must submit an essay they have written in English describing:

  • Interests inside and outside of school
  • Personal character
  • Personality traits
  • Understanding of respect
  • Expectations for interacting with their homestay family

4. Selection Process

CCA treats all applicants with consideration based on available space, completion of full application process, and priority:

  1. Returning students
  2. Siblings of returning students
  3. Children of Chapelgate Presbyterian Church members
  4. Other local students
  5. New international students

For More Information

Please use the contact form below if you have any questions about admissions and our Director of Enrollment & Registrar, Cindy Barr will be happy to answer any and all questions you have about any of these opportunities!

Cindy Barr

Director of Enrollment and Registrar
+1 410-442-5888 x122