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The athletic department escorted Jessica Lucas, Maddie Krabitz, and Katherine Morsberger to the IAAM’s 6th Leadership Symposium on October 17th at Roland Park Country School.  These three athletes participate in volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, and Lacrosse providing a wide range of perspective.  During their time at the symposium, they had the opportunity to attend 4 sessions on leadership skills and styles.   The theme was based on the book ‘One Word- that will change your life’ by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. The speakers were:

Key Note Speaker was Pam Hearth who is the Director of Curriculum and Programming for STRIVE and has performed over 300 workshops.

Break out sessions were with:

Monica Yeakel who is the owner, director, and coach of Diamonds Lacrosse Club as well as a 2009 inductee into the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame, Greater Baltimore Chapter.

Erin Millon who has over 25 years in women’s lacrosse donning the hat of an elite player, program administrator, International Federation ambassador, and coach.

Jim Domoracki who has coached at the HS and collegiate level for 35 years.  Currently an athletic administrator.

There was also a physical activity session put on by Donna Pierce and Lauren Bunney who are CrossFit instructors.

If you see the girls ask them about their experience at the symposium.  What they learned regarding leadership and how to apply it.  Congratulations to these young women!