There’s only One in our audience.

Pat Bonnell, Fine Arts Department Chair & Drama Teacher

Storytelling has been a part of vast civilizations since ancient times. With no amplification other than one’s own strength of voice and stage presence, actors and teachers have commanded audiences’ attention for thousands of years. It was a way to teach the illiterate and entertain the masses. Even our Lord got in on the fun.

Alas, today’s audience is decidedly illiterate when it comes to the Kingdom of God and, at Chapelgate, one of the goals of the theater department is to not only teach our audiences how to “act” in the Land of Promises, but teach our aspiring “act”-ors as well. In the doing of it, we believe we can help reclaim the culture for Christ.

But there is no point doing it unless we produce an excellent and competitive product, one that rivals the world’s productions. Chapelgate thespians are up for the task; they don’t shy away from the difficult or the contemporary, and they shine in the spotlight. And why not? There’s only One in our audience.