Creativity Flourishing for the Glory of God

We serve a creative God and since we are made in His image, we are meant to be innovative and inventive as well. The developing artists of CCA look to Jesus for their inspiration in song, in instrumentation, in acting, in theatrical experiences, in writing, in photography, in dance, in paint and ink and all manner of media. We love sharing our gifts and talents with others in performance on various stages for musical concerts, original skits, Broadway productions, choreographed dance, and for missions. We are pleased to boast of many CCA graduates now working professionally as musicians, actors, writers, photographers, film makers, and visual artists. They are actively impacting our culture for Christ.
…”Chapelgate Christian Academy is where the arts flourish for the Glory of God!”
As C.S. Lewis reminds us, “Joy is the serious business of heaven,” and because of that we feel compelled to pull out our timbrels, dance with all our might dressed in our ephods, and celebrate because…

The Vision

Express Yourself


It’s a privilege to be an artist. It’s particularly a privilege to be an artist knowing we were made in the likeness of God, the greatest artist of all.

At Chapelgate, the individual artist is trained to trust his or her vision, and then that vision is celebrated because it is uniquely God-given, thereby making each project absolutely epic: inspired by the Lord; created for the Lord; enjoyed with the Lord. What could be better? It makes even Monday mornings around here bearable!

Pat Bonnell

Fine Arts Chair

Art Teacher


There’s only One in our audience.

Pat Bonnell, Fine Arts Department Chair & Drama Teacher

Storytelling has been a part of vast civilizations since ancient times. With no amplification other than one’s own strength of voice and stage presence, actors and teachers have commanded audiences’ attention for thousands of years. It was a way to teach the illiterate and entertain the masses. Even our Lord got in on the fun.

Alas, today’s audience is decidedly illiterate when it comes to the Kingdom of God and, at Chapelgate, one of the goals of the theater department is to not only teach our audiences how to “act” in the Land of Promises, but teach our aspiring “act”-ors as well. In the doing of it, we believe we can help reclaim the culture for Christ.

But there is no point doing it unless we produce an excellent and competitive product, one that rivals the world’s productions. Chapelgate thespians are up for the task; they don’t shy away from the difficult or the contemporary, and they shine in the spotlight. And why not? There’s only One in our audience.


The bands at Chapelgate Christian Academy flex strings, lungs, digits, lips, and toes in order to orchestrate their way towards excellence. Music involves active engagement and focused discipline, and we know from research that this translates not only into true artistry but into serious academic endeavors and accomplishments.

Each and every member of our bands are treasured for his or her God-given talent…a talent sometimes “shy,” but with coaxing and prayer, it becomes unleashed in a torrent of beautiful sounds.

What else can we possibly hope for our musicians, but to please our Lord with a joyful noise made up of the modern day timbrels, lyres, harps, trumpets, tambourines, and cymbals…instruments (and musicians!) good enough for any tabernacle.


My daughter was always a gifted vocalist but she did not want to sing in public. During her time at CCA she was mentored by teachers who helped her see the need to share the gift that she had been given. She learned to love performing and I had the joy of seeing her use that gift to encourage others and glorify God. CCA Parent
CCA has opportunities for Middle and High School students to participate in choirs. Our students have had the experience of singing in venues that range from nursing homes to Carnegie Hall! Our Vocal Director sees the power of vocal music in being part of the whole without the distinction of solo voices. With regard to the dynamic experience of being part of a choir, she states, “even the same piece performed by the same choir, is always changing. The venue, weather, mood, and experience add to a live dynamic to each concert or rehearsal.”