Is CCA accredited?

Yes, CCA’s Middle & High School programs are accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International. We are also accredited though the Middle States Association of Colleges and School the regional accrediting organization of private and public schools and colleges.

What are the school hours?

Many students participate in “0” period classes which begin at 7:30 AM. So, any student may be dropped off as early as 7:25 AM. Regular homeroom begins at 8:15 AM. School ends at 3:00 PM and there is a one hour window for pick-up. There is a late room and aftercare after 4:00 PM if parents need extra time. There is a charge for those services.

Do you provide transportation?

Currently, parents arrange for the transportation of their students. There is a great deal of carpooling and the office is glad to assist parents in locating families in their area who may be interested in sharing rides.

Are there hot lunches available?

Yes, students have a wide variety of food options. They may bring all or part of their lunch or buy the entire lunch at school. Parents may also opt for our cashless system where they set aside money in an account for their child’s use.


Is it too late to enroll my child?

Students start new at Chapelgate in every grade- and have good experiences regardless! In terms of during a school year, at the beginning of a semester is ideal (August & January) but we make allowances for moves to the area and other extenuating circumstances.

What if my child has learning differences?

We are very blessed to have a program for students with learning differences. We encourage you to contact us and initiate the process of determining if we have the right program for your child.

Do you accept international students?

Chapelgate is an F-1 approved school by the US Department of Homeland Security. has a long history of accepting and graduating international students. Currently, we have foreign graduates in seven countries.

Can I start the application process right now?

Yes, you can start the process right here on this site!


What sports does CCA offer?

We have lots of opportunities for participation in sports. We compete in both the MIAA and the IAMM for interscholastic sports. Our current sports are: Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Basketball & Lacrosse, Women’s Volleyball, Softball and Cheerleading. We also have Men’s Baseball and Co-ed Golf.    In the fall several of our students play football through a partnership we have with Central Maryland Crusaders Football and Cheerleading. There are also JV sports in most of the sports listed and Middle School Basketball.

Will my child be ‘seen’ playing at Chapelgate?

Every year, we have CCA students that are scouted and signed to colleges and universities for their athletic talent, and many have received substantial scholarships to play collegiate sports.

What are your athletic facilities like?

We have new playing for fields for soccer, lacrosse, baseball and softball. We also have a regulation gym for basketball and volleyball.

Will my son or daughter actually enjoy playing sports at CCA?

Of course that is impossible to guarantee but we are committed to giving students a balanced experience in our athletics program. We are competitive in our sports but we never lose sight of the fact that we want this to be an enjoyable experience. We want students to have fun doing what they love!


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