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Our May 4, 2018 Assembly was a very special one. Dozens of our CCA students had a hand in the planning and execution of this program which highlighted aspects of some of the many cultures represented here at Chapelgate.

The overarching them was summed up by the Scripture below:slideloveoneanother

The first area presented was West Africa. Along with some background information two of our students shared a dance with us:


Next was China presented by some of our international students who are studying with us from that country. One young woman shared her art work representing an impression of her homeland and a young man presented a Mongolian accordion piece:

chinaslideart justinyangmongoliapiece

Along with some other cultural concepts, two of our Korean students shared some “K-Pop” with us:

To round out the program a couple of our students shared thoughts on what it means to be American to them. Then a couple of our Cypriot students taught us a popular Greek cultural dance which is well-known in Cyprus.

They asked students to join them and it was a joyous and fun way to end an educational, meaningful and very enjoyable assembly!


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