It’s not every day that a student receives a college acceptance letter. Even more rare is a hand-delivered one!

Today, senior Brandon Prater got the good news from Long Island University (LIU), and Samantha Ciccone, LIU’s Director of Admissions who said she has never traveled 250 miles to hand over an acceptance letter- but then again, a student like Brandon is worth it! “Literally every person I spoke to raved about Brandon. I couldn’t wait to meet him. He’s going to be a tremendous addition to our school,” Ms. Ciccone said.

While auditioning for another college’s musical theatre program, Brandon was spotted by a director from LIU, who after watching Brandon in action, approached him and asked him to audition. The director was wowed by what he saw, and before long, he emailed Brandon, encouraging him to submit an application. Brandon’s acceptance to the musical theatre program came before admissions was even able to review the rest of his materials.

Brandon had a cheering section while he received his letter: Pat Bonnell (Drama), Leslie Rufolo (Dance), Susan Spisz (Media), Melissa Barrett (Guidance), and Dale Cahill (Guidance) were all on hand to support and congratulate Brandon while he received the good news in the cafeteria just before high school lunch.

Before Brandon heads off to Long Island University in the fall, he’ll be performing in CCA’s Spring performance of “Fiddler on the Roof”. You might want to catch him in that show- because his next stop is New York!


Brandon with (from left) Mrs. Barrett (Guidance), Mrs. Bonnell (Fine Arts Chair) & Mrs. Rufolo (Dance teacher)

Melissa Barrett
Director of Guidance
Chapelgate Christian Academy