2018 Girls Softball B Conference Champions


The Yellowjackets went undefeated in B conference play at 12-0 in the best season ever in CCA softball history! This includes playoffs with a 15-2 overall with the two losses to teams ranked in top 10 in the state.

Each of the three playoff games was more intense than the last; all three were decided in the last swing of the bat. The first “walk-off” win was when junior Grace Edwards tripled 3 runs to bring the score to 10-0 in the 5th inning.
The second win had two outs in the bottom of the 7th inning of the semifinal game, and the bases were empty in a 4-4 tie. Then, sophomore Ellie Henneberg singled and scored when Emily Venkatesan crushed a ball deep into left field. Ellie also made a run from first. This was preceded by sophomore Jess Lucas ending the top of the 7th inning with an amazing running catch in centerfield to prevent Notre Dame Prep from taking the lead. At least one runner from Notre Dame Prep was expected to score if Jess didn’t outrun the line drive.

In the finals, after trailing 3-0, the resilient Yellowjackets tied the game and went ahead. Sophomore Olivia Sunde bunted her way on base, moved to second base on Jess Lucas’ bunt and scored with two outs on Ellie Henneberg’s RBI single that just went over the second baseman’s glove into right field.

As part of an amazing season, Lucas, Edwards, Henneberg, and Venkatesan had on-base percentages over 600. This is the first time ever that more than two players have done that.

Emily Venkatesan struck out 152 hitters in 84 innings (almost 2 per inning!) to set another CCA record. We’re very proud of this team and congratulate them on their amazing season!

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