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Friday is a special day at CCA! It is the day of the week that we typically come together as a school community to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and to be encouraged in our understanding of the Gospel. It has been rewarding to witness students taking the lead during our time together as we centered our thoughts on our school-wide theme – “Love God, Love Others.”
This theme was practically introduced and lived out the first week of school as middle school and high school students met separately in the gym to experience “Break Point.” One of our CCA parents, Judy Phillips, and her colleagues from Youth for Christ graciously planned and led this event to encourage students to be more empathetic toward others.
Early in the year, we had a special guest speaker, Lora, who captivated everyone with her story of growing up in a home where she was hated by her mother. She battled many other issues that would normally lead one away from knowing and loving God, but she testified of His redeeming work in her life to bring her to Jesus. She ended by telling us about her reconciliation with her mom who has more recently become a Christ follower.
Later in the year, Curt, a local pastor, shared his story of growing up in a neighborhood where dealing drugs was the way of life leading him to a very dark place. God powerfully and dramatically showed up in his life during his court trial when the judge, who had every right to sentence him to prison for over forty years, did something quite unexpected by dispensing grace and giving him a second chance.
As we consider the value and purpose of community assemblies, I believe the most important thing we can offer our students is real and living examples of God’s love and transforming power. Lora and Curt are just two of those living examples who have left a tremendous impact on our community.


Patrick & Jess share


Helping Up Mission shares a message in song


Westminster Church Planter Brian LoPiccolo


Black History Month presentation by Drama class


Mrs. Bonnell praying with her students before they present

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