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Chapelgate Announces New Head of School

A message from Board Chairman Steve Bounds on behalf of the Chapelgate Christian Academy School Board

It brings me great pleasure to inform the entire Chapelgate Christian Academy community that the CCA School Board has unanimously extended an offer to CCA’s Director of Guidance, Melissa Barrett, to be the next CCA Head of School following the retirement of Rob Van Ness at the completion of the current school year. Melissa has accepted the position and has been serving on the school’s senior administrative team for several years, giving her unique insights into both the distinctives that make CCA a wonderful place for students and staff, and the areas that need improvement. The CCA Board is excited by the prospect of implementing the vision for CCA that Melissa has shared with the Board and she will be sharing her vision with the entire CCA community in the months ahead.

The many of you that have already had the opportunity to interact with Melissa in her role as Director of Guidance have experienced her passion and professionalism first hand. For the rest of you, please allow me to share just a few of the reasons that the Board selected Melissa from a pool of a dozen applicants and four highly qualified candidates that were interviewed at length. First, Melissa best met two of our most important considerations for the next Head of School; that the Head of School be relentless in their relationship with Christ and His Gospel, and that he or she be an empowering instructional servant leader.

A few of the other superlatives that arose in her interview were her focus on being a visible presence in all aspects of CCA life, in her words, to be the “first one in the building and the last one to leave”. She also spoke of the need to improve relationships and communication with parents, she stressed that we should not only be in touch with parents when there is a concern with their student or about money; but a broad sharing about all aspects of the school to tap into the wonderful resource that CCA parents offer in time, talents, and a host of other ways. Melissa plans to host coffee and conversation opportunities to truly listen to the parents and build lasting relationships.

Melissa promised to always provide the CCA community with transparency, honesty, and efficiency; and we learned about her humility in the interview process as well. I hope that each of you will take the time to get to know Melissa Barrett and will welcome her in her new role as the Head of School of Chapelgate Christian Academy. The Board will be solidly supporting Melissa both in prayer and by rolling up our sleeves anywhere that we are needed. We are thankful for the leading of the Spirit in this process and invite you to join with us in celebrating this exciting new chapter in the story of Chapelgate Christian Academy.

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