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Ignite Passion

Nurture Faith

Chapelgate Christian Academy Mission Statement

CCA exists to provide academic excellence in a Gospel-centered environment, inspiring and equipping students in knowledge, passion, and faith.

Chapelgate Christian Academy Vision Statement

CCA has been established to prepare students to glorify God as life-long stewards through creative, critical, and biblical thinking, influencing culture, and serving others.

A Short History of CCA

The story of CCA is the story of Chapelgate Presbyterian Church. The church began in 1894 through the vision and ministry of four women who met together over a laundromat in Baltimore City. A founding school board member, Donald Fisher, was married to Doris Fisher, granddaughter of one of those women, providing a living link between the founding of the church and founding of the school nearly a century later.

School Board

Chapelgate Christian Academy is a ministry of Chapelgate Presbyterian Church. It operates under the authority of the elders of the church (the Session), which appoints the School Board to establish policies for the school. The Head of School, an ex-officio member of the Board, reports to the Board and is responsible for administering school policies and programs. Mr. Steve Bounds is the current chairman of the school board.

Chairman of the Board:  Steve Bounds

Vice Chairman of the Board:  Jeff Hayden

Secretary/Treasurer:  Bill Nelson

Board Members: Amie Decker, Laura Starsoneck, Debbie Otto, Pastor Tai Kim, and George Umanah