Science Technology Engineering and Math

At CCA we have always had a very high percentage of graduates pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Our alumni are still quite young and have not yet even reached age 40 but are already working throughout the region, nation and world at locations in private industry and government agencies. Some examples of where our graduates have been employed include NSA, NASA, Johns Hopkins APL and the Smithsonian. Many of our graduates are in or completing medical and law schools in the US.

We have challenging programs in science and math. There are science labs for students to have hands on experiences in the life sciences, physical sciences and chemistry. Our math program has multiple tracks for students according to their interest and ability. We offer multiple AP courses in math and science that lead to college credit for the majority of our students who take the exams.

In the areas of technology & engineering, the school is in year two of a multi-year integration of one-to-one computing in the classroom. There are computer labs and several courses and clubs to encourage, challenge and promote all students to expand their use of technology in learning. Teachers integrate technology into their lessons everyday through their curriculum, use of SMART boards and the media center.

Student receiving instruction in computer Science
Team Vector working on robot with faculty advisor