Student Goals

The over-arching goal of Chapelgate Christian Academy is to glorify God and demonstrate His attributes to the world. As part of our academic program, our goals for our students include:

Nurture Faith

To help students judge their lives accurately from God’s perspective. To win to Christ those students who are uncommitted. To assist students in the integration of a Reformed Christian world view into every aspect of their lives.

Discover Knowledge

To provide an academic climate conducive for learning. To encourage the learning of necessary skills required for meaningful participation in society as an adult. To equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in further education and the workplace.

Cultivate Relationships

To provide children with opportunities for growth in the social skills required for Godly interaction in today’s society. To enable students to understand and appreciate the privileges and responsibilities of living in a republic.

Cultural Diversity & Awareness

To promote appreciation for and creativity in the arts. To encourage students to understand and appreciate cultures that are different from their own.