Student Goals

The over-arching goal of Chapelgate Christian Academy is to glorify God and demonstrate His attributes to the world. As part of our academic program, our goals for our students include:

Nurture Faith

To help students judge their lives accurately from God’s perspective. To win to Christ those students who are uncommitted. To assist students in the integration of a Reformed Christian world view into every aspect of their lives.

Discover Knowledge

To provide an academic climate conducive for learning. To encourage the learning of necessary skills required for meaningful participation in society as an adult. To equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in further education and the workplace.

Cultivate Relationships

To provide children with opportunities for growth in the social skills required for Godly interaction in today’s society. To enable students to understand and appreciate the privileges and responsibilities of living in a republic.

Cultural Diversity & Awareness

To promote appreciation for and creativity in the arts. To encourage students to understand and appreciate cultures that are different from their own.

The Lower School

A Great Place to Grow!

Welcome to Chapelgate’s Early Childhood Education Programs! Originally founded as a school for students in grades 6-12, a preschool was established in 2013 to serve parents looking for a nurturing, developmental program with a loving, Christian worldview for their younger students.

Preparing for Success

The Chapelgate Lower School, as part of a larger school organization, is in a wonderful position to provide students with many unique resources to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. We have one to three high school students assisting the teachers throughout the day. These teacher aides, always under the direct supervision of teachers, provide the opportunity for more one on one interaction with the preschool students. Our Drama, Humanities and Middle School classes perform skits and puppet shows and read children’s literature as part of their own curriculum, much to the delight of our young learners! We have access to the science projects and experiments of the middle and high school science programs.

We utilize multiple curriculums to enhance our programs at each level.

  • Our two-year-old teachers use “Doors to Discovery”.
  • Our three-year-old teachers use “Scholastic’s Big Day for Pre K” curriculum.
  • Chapelgate Lower School utilizes a STEAM curriculum for our four-year-old learners as they prepare for Kindergarten .
  • Our Kindergarten through Second Grade teachers use a myriad of curricula and materials including the Journals Reading Program, Pathway Phonics, Memoria Press Enrichment, and Saxon Mathematics.

Upward Focused

As a Christian Early Education program, we strive first and foremost to model Christ’s love to our young charges. Developmentally appropriate activities to teach and reinforce the academic areas that they will encounter in their later schooling. We use our own Bible curriculum throughout the programs.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 19:14

    The Upper School

    Middle School

    Student Life

    Middle school often gets a bad reputation, but at CCA we believe that the middle school years are some of the most important in the life of a student! With all the developmental and academic changes that occur during these years, it is our hope that we would come along side families to partner with parents in nurturing independent growth in a student’s faith and academic learning. We believe that the three years spent in middle school are a time when God enters into our lives in very special ways.

    Our awesome middle school team works together to meet each student’s academic, athletic, artistic, and social needs. Each team member seeks to individually nurture student’s spiritual and emotional development in unique ways. It is important to us that middle school is a place where kids are cared for well. We recognize that middle school students are just emerging from the safety and security of elementary school.

    Through the use of grade-level off campus retreats, sports teams, fine arts involvement, and developmentally appropriate chapels, our team creates a distinctive middle school experience right alongside our high school students. This allows for mentorship between middle and high school students, as their lives intersect throughout the day in our building.


    We provide a very competitive and excellent array of academic and co-curricular opportunities to our middle school students. The academic program includes: English & Reading throughout middle school, Science, and Social Studies/History. There are elective offerings in band, chorus, art, French and Spanish. Recommended middle school students may take Spanish I, French I and high school level math. We desire to prepare our middle school students to be successful in our rigorous high school program.

    Our middle school is composed of students that come to us from a variety of feeder schools. We welcome students from public, Christian and other private schools as well as a number of students who have been home-schooled.

    High School

    Student Life
    “…The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love.” Gal 5:6

    You are on this site for a reason… “we need a change” … “it is time for a new school”… “my child is in a bad school situation currently”… When you walk in our doors you will notice a couple of things. You will notice many smiling young people and adults. You will also see a very diverse community. Our racial and ethnic diversity represents Howard County and our region exceptionally well. We attract students who look different, live in different neighborhoods in the region and go to many different churches on Sunday morning. There is also great unity within this diverse community that exists in few other places.

    A parent of two graduates recently said, “I love the fact Chapelgate is a place where a kid can still be a kid”. They contrasted the social and academic pressure that exists in so many other settings and are grateful that their students received everything they needed to be accepted into excellent colleges and prepare for great careers. They are more grateful that even in adulthood their memories of middle and high school are of forming life long friendships with classmates and teachers. Many of their teachers are still at CCA and some are still friends with whom they communicate long after high school.

    A Bright Future

    We are proud of the accomplishments of our graduates. Nearly 100% of our alumni pursue higher education- many at the most prestigious colleges in the United States. Graduates scattered near and far are engaged in widely varying professional pursuits. Even as a relatively young school, our alumni are finding their way to locations around the world working in industry, technology, law, medicine and ministry. Chapelgate has existed for over 25 years and we look forward to the next 25 years of impact on the lives of young people!

    Nearly 100% of our alumni pursue higher education- many at the most prestigious colleges in the United States. Graduates scattered near and far are engaged in widely varying professional pursuits. Even as a relatively young school, our alumni are finding their way to locations around the world working in industry, technology, law, medicine and ministry. Chapelgate has existed for over 25 years and we look forward to the next 25 years of impact on the lives of young people!


    Our academic program offers rigorous and competitive courses and learning opportunities. All objective measures indicate we meet or exceed public and private schools in our area. We desire to be a place that will come alongside parents, a place that will nurture a young person’s faith instead of demean it. We are a place that can meet a child’s academic, athletic, artistic and social needs without ignoring or marginalizing their spiritual needs as Christians. Chapelgate is a Christian school and is a place where young people can grow in every way.

    Some academic highlights:

    • 25 credits required to graduate
    • Traditional 7 period day
    • 9 AP classes & 9 Honors Courses
    • Many electives covering a wide variety of interests
    • Long-standing emphasis on STEM (Science, technology, engineering & math)
    • Learning Differences Program
    • Opportunities for internships, external classes & aide positions
    • Academic Honors students have received:
    • National Merit Scholars
    • National Achievement Scholars
    • National AP Scholars
    • Maryland Distinguished Scholars for Academic Achievement
    • Maryland Distinguished Scholars for Talent in the Arts

    School Counseling

    The mission of the CCA School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic and personal/social needs of all students in grades 6-12, with an emphasis on college readiness. In partnership with CCA teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators, the counseling office works to facilitate opportunities for students to acquire the educational and social competencies necessary for their chosen college and career.

    Jess Hogsten
    Director of School Counseling
    410-442-5888 x164

    The UPPER School

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

    At CCA we have always had a very high percentage of graduates pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Our alumni are still quite young and have not yet even reached age 40 but are already working throughout the region, nation and world at locations in private industry and government agencies. Some examples of where our graduates have been employed include NSA, NASA, Johns Hopkins APL and the Smithsonian. Many of our graduates are in or completing medical and law schools in the US.

    We have challenging programs in science and math. There are science labs for students to have hands on experiences in the life sciences, physical sciences and chemistry. Our math program has multiple tracks for students according to their interest and ability. We offer multiple AP courses in math and science that lead to college credit for the majority of our students who take the exams.

    In the areas of technology & engineering, the school is in year two of a multi-year integration of one-to-one computing in the classroom. There are computer labs and several courses and clubs to encourage, challenge and promote all students to expand their use of technology in learning. Teachers integrate technology into their lessons everyday through their curriculum, use of SMART boards and the media center.

    Learning Differences Support

    MAG Program

    The MAG program is designed to provide support and academic help to students with learning differences. The name MAG for this program has two very significant meanings for our community. It is an acronym, and stands for “mentoring academic growth”. Mr. Mag was also the nickname of Mr. Tim Magnusson, a beloved CCA teacher who passed away in April 2013. Mr. Mag was a passionate teacher and understood that each child had tremendous academic, personal and spiritual worth regardless of what “labels” or “differences” they may have. This program is a fitting honor to a man committed to coming alongside students who struggled. There is an additional charge for participation in the MAG program.

    Christine Leaman
    MAG Program Director

    The International Progam

    Welcome · 欢迎· 환영· Bienvenidos · Bienvenue · Willkommen · ようこそ· добро пожаловать · Ẹ ku abọ · nnabata · bem vinda

    Chapelgate has a long history of welcoming young people from across the globe. We are able to work directly with parents in the admission process or use the help of family or agencies.

    I love the students and the teachers here. My favorite part is that people are so nice and make me feel like part of them. I love how we tell jokes, how we talk seriously about things, and how we enjoy our friendship with each other. – Recent graduate from China

    International Students at Chapelgate Christian Academy

    One of the many beautiful things about Chapelgate Christian Academy is its diversity. We truly are a global community, having had hundreds of students from all over the world during the course of our existence. Some students start out with a quick look at CCA, but then are enticed to stay for the duration of their high school years and then, even more excitingly, enter an American university. Why do they come? English is useful in the international marketplace and our universities provide the best of the best.

    A Heritage of Academic Excellence & College Preparation

    Chapelgate accepted international students within just a few years of opening our doors. We have a long and successful experience with our foreign students. We are a rigorous college preparatory school with diverse and enriching programs in academics, arts, athletics, and clubs. We prepare our graduates to attend American universities. Our students, including our international students, have been accepted to many fine American universities. We have graduates from many countries, including China, South Korea, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland.

    Linda Arildsen
    Director of International Students

    CCA International Studies Quick Look

    Countries Represented by Graduates
    12 %
    CCA Students each Year are F-1
    50 %
    F-1 Students Return each Year
    1 %
    F-1 Graduates Attend U.S. Colleges

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When space is available, Chapelgate Christian Academy (CCA) is happy to accept international students who meet entrance requirements. International students typically apply to CCA in the late fall and early spring for admittance to the following school year which begins in late August. Chapelgate admits international students 9-12th grade.

    CCA has been approved to issue I-20 documents for international students who have been accepted by the Academy and are applying for F-1 visas. Once a student has been offered admission to CCA, they need to submit the $1,550 deposit by April 1st or within 2 weeks of acceptance to the school in order to confirm their intent to enroll. Of the $1,550, $400 is credited toward tuition, and $1,150 is the insurance premium. The student’s I-20 will be available once this deposit has been received.

    To be considered for admission to CCA, international students must submit the items listed below to the Admissions Office.
    All documents are to be provided in English, or accompanied by English translations:
    ✓ all CCA application forms (available at ) with the $750 application fee
    ✓ proof of compliance with all immunizations currently required by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. This must be received by Chapelgate Christian Academy no later than August 1st. Families who fail to meet this important deadline may be charged a significant penalty. In addition, CCA will not admit students to class until full compliance is demonstrated.
    ✓ a copy of the prior year’s report card and the most recent report card that includes information about the grading scale; it is expected that international applicants to CCA have grades that are above average
    ✓ proof of English proficiency as demonstrated by the student’s performance on a TOEFL for all students. 
    ✓ evidence demonstrating that the student or sponsoring parents have sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses during the period of intended study
    ✓ a recommendation from the pastor of the church where the family or guardian of the student worships, if the student’s family or guardians are Christians.
    ✓ a copy of the student’s passport
    ✓ a copy of the student’s F-1 Visa – if one has already been issued to the student by another school in the US
    ✓ recommendation forms completed by the student’s current Administrator, and English and Math teachers.
    ✓ an essay of introduction completed by the student applying for admission; this should tell why the student wants to attend CCA, what he or she hopes to accomplish as a student in the U.S. and describe his or her personality, character, interests, and goals.
    ✓ Applicants will be asked to participate, with at least one parent, in an interview with the admissions committee. This is scheduled ahead of time and conducted by Skype or WeChat. During the interview, the prospective student is expected to speak in English; parents may require the presence of an interpreter.

    Although CCA requires international students to demonstrate their proficiency in English before they can be accepted, the Academy does provide additional instructional services for English as a Second Language learners (ESL). CCA offers courses in International Bible, ESL and Advanced ESL English, and ESL U.S. History for high school students. 

    No. Parents or guardians are responsible for transporting students.

    Some families of international students make arrangements with a relative or trusted friend to be their child’s guardian. Families of international students are welcome to make their own homestay arrangements independently from Chapelgate Christian Academy. However, CCA cannot take responsibility for resolving any disagreements or problems that may occur in these situations. They must provide CCA with information about the adults with whom their child will be living including:
    ✓The name(s) of the parent(s) or guardian(s) with whom they will be living in the U.S.
    ✓The address at which they will be living in the U.S.
    ✓U.S. telephone numbers – including home, work, and cell phone numbers – for their parent(s) or guardian(s)
    ✓Email addresses for the parent(s) and guardian(s) that can be accessed both in America and in the student’s home country.

    Important Note: Medical Release and Power of Attorney documents that have been completed by the parents and notarized, will authorize the current guardian — whether arranged by the family, through an agency, or by CCA — to make decisions on behalf of the parents regarding their student’s health, education, and welfare. These must be submitted to CCA before the student’s registration can be completed. For international students whose families need help finding guardians, CCA can make arrangements for homestay placements with American families and provide on-going support services. Students who are living with host families that have been provided through Chapelgate Christian Academy pay an additional fee to cover the expenses of the host family and the services provided by a Home Stay Coordinator. The total cost for CCA’s homestay program is $13,300 for the 2019-2020 school year.

    The Academy offers a college preparatory program for both average and advanced students. The curriculum is written and approved by the faculty and administration. Textbooks are selected from both Christian and secular publishers based upon the excellence and appropriateness of each book. Currently, CCA offers 9 Advanced Placement courses and 8 Honors Courses. The Christian world and life view is integrated in each subject at CCA. Chapelgate Christian Academy is accredited by both the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

    Students are to be in class by 8:10 each morning; they are dismissed at 2:45p.m. Students are not to arrive earlier than 7:30 a.m. and must be picked up no later than 4:00 p.m., except when they are attending extra-curricular activities under the supervision of designated school personnel; such as athletic practices or games, drama practices or performances, and robotics team meetings or competitions.

    For the 2020-21 school year, tuition for each international student is $26,450 for the full year. This includes retreats, non-consumable textbooks, some activity fees, and the health insurance coverage from August 1, 2020- July 31, 2021 that is required by CCA. Families are also responsible for the Retreat Fee of $180 and the Materials Fee of $514 which covers curriculum aids, workbooks, online textbook access, locks, student planner/agenda books, day field trips, fine arts, athletics, PE and team uniforms, yearbook, PSAT testing, and graduation cap and gown. Not included is school supplies, overnight conferences and New York City field trip, socks and hats for team uniforms, school uniforms, AP tests, and Senior activities. Tuition for international students can be paid in full by July 20th or by semester, with the first payment due by July 20th and the second payment due by January 20th.
    An international student who applies after July 1 and is offered admission to CCA must pay their deposit within 5 days and, if applicable, the home stay fee to confirm their intent to enroll. Once receipt of this payment (either by wire transfer or clearance of a check) has been confirmed, CCA will issue the I-20 to the student.

    Home Stay

    Our most successful international students enjoy a homestay experience while at CCA. This can be the most powerful and beneficial aspect of their time here. Our American families incorporate these young people into every aspect of their family life, including, celebrating holidays and family events, church and experiencing everyday life. At this point, there are decades-long relationships that have endured between CCA families and their international students.

    Our international student became a member of the family. We were grateful for the chance to have this young man in our home and have enjoyed keeping in touch with him and his family. – Host father of a Spanish student

    Host an International Student!

    Chapelgate Christian Academy attracts many international students and it is an honor to open our doors to these students who not only receive an excellent education but also benefit from a wholesome Christian environment. This also provides a unique opportunity to our American host families. It is important that these students are placed in American families because it helps them better adjust to living in America, it increases their command of the English language, and it gives them a stronger support system away from home. Our international students who live in American homes tend to have a wonderful experience all around.
    We always need more families who are willing to step up and agree to be host families. We invite you to contact our International Host Family Coordinator, Amy Frierson, to learn more about this great opportunity.

    Amy Frierson
    International Host Family Coordinator
    +1 410-442-5888