Melissa Barrett, Head of School

A Letter from the Head of School regarding Reopening

Dear CCA Parents,

I am reaching out to share with you my thoughts on reopening school, and what it means for decisions you need to make this summer.

At this time, we plan to return to the classroom in the fall! We have a task force of administrators that has already begun working on plans to modify physical spaces in the building to support social distancing. Of course, the amount of people allowed in the building ultimately will be dependent on CDC and State of MD guidelines. It is our number one priority to protect the health of our students and staff.

Parents have until June 15 to commit for the fall. After June 15 parents are responsible for all of first semester tuition. While we understand the difficulty of decision making in uncertain times, we rely on those commitments and tuition dollars to improve and plan curriculum, determine how many staff we need, pay teacher salaries and benefits, and make improvements to our programs – all of these things occur over the summer and are dependent on the number of enrolled students.

We are in the process of surveying parents on distance learning (that survey went out a few days ago, please check your email). The main purpose of that survey is to really examine how we did over the last three months, so that we can use the summer to perfect our distance learning model. We want to be fully prepared should it be necessary to return to online schooling at some point in the fall. Our staff and teachers will be working harder than ever this summer on Operation HOPE (How we Open with Patience and Endurance), and how our school can continue to meet the challenges of a global pandemic to best serve our families.

Parents who choose not to re-enroll for fall are free to do that and will have tuition deposits returned to them if they notify us by June 15. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee these spaces will be available if your family decides to return at a later date. We do expect a surge in applicants this summer, especially if local public schools are not prepared to return in the fall.

A few parents are inquiring as to whether tuition will be refunded or discounted if we need to return to distance learning at some point. The quick answer to that is no. CCA is a non-profit institution, which means that our tuition dollars fund teacher salaries, textbook and student materials, financial aid, and technology infrastructure – those expenses do not change or lessen if we move online. We have spent a lot of time in the last three months comparing our distance learning model to other schools, both public and private, and we stand even more strongly now by the value of the Chapelgate education and the Christ-centered relationships offered by our faculty and staff.

All that said, we acknowledge that distance learning is challenging for parents and students. Students have suffered from the effects of being isolated from socializing with their peers. In full honesty, that is not a problem anyone is able to solve during a pandemic. But we hear you, parents, and we stand with you in all the challenges of being thrust into the position of supporting your child’s education at home – especially while you work and care for your other children. We understand distance learning is tough on our families, and we would only move back to it if we felt it was the safest option for our students and staff.

Please know that we are praying fervently for our families and students during these difficult times, and we are here to help in any way we can. We thank you for entrusting us with your child, and we hope you have a blessed and joyful summer!


Melissa Barrett
Head of School

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