Frequently asked questions about financial aid

Is financial aid available for students applying to Chapelgate Christian Academy?

A limited amount of need-based financial aid is available for allocation to families who have submitted applications for admission to Chapelgate Christian Academy and to current CCA families whose students are re-registered. CCA desires to exercise wise stewardship by allocating financial aid in a manner that supports the Academy’s Mission Statement: “CCA exists to provide academic excellence in a gospel-centered environment, inspiring and equipping students in knowledge, passion, and faith.” For this reason is expected that students whose families receive financial aid awards will be contributing members of the Chapelgate community in at least one of the following areas:

  • Christian Faith
  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Character
  • Service

How do we apply for financial aid?

Families wishing to be considered for financial aid awards for the upcoming school year must complete an application, which is available under the ADMISSIONS tab. After submitting the application families need to complete their applications by sending required documents for verification as directed. Also, each family is required to submit a letter by email to Mrs. Cassell (see below for contact). This should be addressed to the CCA Financial Aid Committee. Applicants are to use this letter to explain to the committee why they are requesting aid; and to identify and describe the contributions their student(s) will make to benefit the CCA community.

What information will we need to complete our financial aid application?

Generally speaking, families will need copies of their most recent IRS Federal Forms, W-2 Wage and Tax Statements, and supporting documentation for other types of income. The website will provide more information about required documentation.

Is there a deadline for submitting an application for financial aid?

Yes. Current Chapelgate families wishing to be considered for financial aid awards for the following school year must complete and submit their application and all required documentation, including their letter to the CCA Financial Aid Committee, by no later than February 28th of each year.

Families new to Chapelgate, who have applied for admission to the Academy and wish to be considered for tuition assistance, must submit their online application for aid through FAST (see tab under ADMISSIONS), and send all required documentation, including their letter to the CCA Financial Aid Committee, by no later than five business days following their student’s acceptance to CCA.

The Financial Aid Committee will work with available funds during the month of April to consider all applications received by the February 28 deadline so they can make initial awards of financial aid. Receiving an award of financial aid depends on whether a family’s online application in combination with their letter to the CCA Financial Aid Committee provide compelling evidence of the family’s need for assistance and the student’s capacity for making beneficial contributions to the CCA community.

It was after February 28th when we applied for admission to CCA. Is there any way we could still be considered for financial aid for the upcoming school year?

Some funds will be reserved for allocation after the initial awards have been made. Having a completed application on file makes it possible for the Financial Aid Committee to consider your family for aid if funds are available. Families whose students have applied to CCA after February 28th, and hope to be considered for financial aid, should submit applications through the ADMISSIONS tab and follow up by submitting all required documentation (including the letter to CCA’s Financial Aid Committee as described above) not later than five business days following their student’s acceptance to CCA.

How does the Academy decide who will receive financial aid?

The CCA Financial Aid Committee receives a summary report of the online data submitted by all the applicants. Committee members review this report in conjunction with the required letters from each applicant family to understand the relative levels of need among all applicants, as well as the degree to which the students are deserving candidates for aid. In addition, the committee spends a significant amount of time in prayer as they work to determine how the available funds will be allocated.
Current CCA families whose students are not yet re-registered for the upcoming school year and families who have not yet submitted applications for admission to CCA cannot be considered for financial aid. In addition families of students who are admitted on probation are not eligible for financial aid.

When will we know if we are going to receive any financial aid?

CCA’s Financial Aid Committee begins meeting in April and tries to notify families as promptly as possible about aid allocations for the upcoming school year.

If we don’t get any aid, or it isn’t enough to help us afford Chapelgate, will the registration fee be refunded?

The re-registration fee will be refunded in full to families of continuing CCA students. The refund of registration fees paid by families of potential new students who applied for admission will be reduced by $50.00 to cover the cost of admissions testing.

Once we qualify will we continue to receive financial aid in future years?

Once awarded, financial aid is not guaranteed to continue. Families receiving aid in any given school year must re-apply by February 28th to be considered for aid during the following year.

We are behind in paying our tuition bill for this year. Can we still be considered for aid for next year?

Families who are behind in making this year’s tuition payments, should submit applications for aid for the upcoming year in time to meet the February 28th deadline. This will allow them to be considered for aid during the following year; however, allocations of tuition assistance will not be made until their tuition payments for the current year have been brought up to date.

Additional questions can be directed to Mrs. Cassell. She will be happy to help you.

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